The medical equipment industry "tender procurement" will have new developments in the four key areas

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Specifically, there will be new developments in the following four major medical fields:

1. Build a smart diagnosis and treatment ecosystem

Focus on the development of intelligent medical equipment, software, supporting reagents and a full range of telemedicine service platforms to create an intelligent online diagnosis and treatment ecosystem.

Develop relevant data standards to achieve interoperability, realize intelligent diagnosis and treatment system based on big data, and quickly and accurately perform disease diagnosis, assist personalized treatment and systemic rehabilitation.

Create a new format of smart medical care, and realize remote diagnosis and health management services such as remote health management, remote clinics, and remote home care for grassroots urban and rural residents.

2, improve the market share of high-quality equipment

The development of high-quality medical imaging, advanced treatment, precision testing equipment and other clinical major medical equipment, breaking the long-term low-end, homogenization and vicious competition of domestic enterprises.

Develop high-quality imaging diagnostic equipment, medical imaging database, advanced cancer treatment equipment, develop image-based preoperative evaluation and surgical planning system, and promote the development of original Chinese medicine and rehabilitation equipment.

Strengthen core components and key technologies, develop low-cost, easy-to-use and efficient integrated sequencing sample automation software and hardware technology, as well as genetic sequencing, editing supporting consumables, and accelerate the development of new life science instruments and reagents that adapt to the development of new life science technologies. Focus on technological innovation, improve the cost performance of the system, and improve China's competitiveness in the high-quality medical equipment market.

3. Promote plant (introduction) into product innovation and development

Accelerate the application of new materials technology, and continue to accelerate the repair of implantable cardioverter defibrillators, degradable vascular stents, prosthetic valves, bones and peripheral nerves for clinical treatment needs such as cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, etc. Artificial joints, artificial corneas, intraocular lenses, cochlear implants, etc. are implanted into the innovation and industrialization of new medical device products.

In response to the development needs of new technologies such as organ repair, promote the integration of biotechnology and materials technology, accelerate the development of biomimetic medicine, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering technology, and promote the technology of additive manufacturing (3D printing) in new products. application.

4. Provide fast, accurate and convenient detection means

For the detection of major infectious diseases such as acute bacterial infections and viral infections, including the detection of major infectious diseases, the development and industrialization of in vitro diagnostic instruments, reagents and test strips for rapid on-site detection are accelerated.

Accelerate the industrialization of convenient and accurate home in vitro diagnostic products for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hyperuricemia and hyperlipidemia.

Accelerate the development of new technologies such as molecular diagnostics and biochips with high specificity, and support rapid and accurate diagnosis and screening of diseases such as tumors, genetic diseases and rare diseases in vitro.

Improve the supporting construction of the industrial chain, develop high-precision testing instruments, reagents and intelligent diagnostic technology to support the development and construction of third-party testing centers.

3 centers to promote advanced medical equipment

The plan also proposes to implement the bio-industry Huimin project, promote the application of emerging technologies such as genetic testing, cell therapy, and high-performance imaging equipment, and promote the industrial development achievements to benefit the people's livelihood.

In the "genetic application of genetic technology", by 2020, the ability to detect genes (including pre-pregnancy, prenatal, and neonatal) should cover more than 50% of the birth population. Participated in the production of at least one gene technology application demonstration center in various provinces of the country, with high-throughput gene sequencing, mass spectrometry, medical imaging, gene editing, biosynthesis and other technologies, focusing on genetic screening of birth defects. , diagnosis and treatment, early tumor screening and medication guidance, infectious disease and pathogenic microbial detection, neonatal genetic identification application.

In the "promotion of high-performance medical imaging equipment", it is necessary to promote advanced imaging equipment manufacturers, medical institutions and social capital to jointly build a number of third-party image demonstration centers independent of existing medical institutions in county-level areas above the county level. The corresponding imaging equipment, imaging diagnostic software, personnel and telemedicine information system are configured to carry out regional collaborative remote image diagnosis, third-party image diagnosis, image consultation and education and training services.

In the "promotion of new technologies for cell therapy", it is necessary to build a demonstration center for the application of individualized immune cell therapy technology. Guide qualified medical institutions, R&D institutions with strong innovation capabilities and advanced production enterprises to cooperate with independent research and development, introduce and digest international advanced technologies, realize key technological breakthroughs in immune cell therapy, and build new technologies for cell therapy development and cell therapy. Production technology research and development, viral vector production process research and development, viral vector GMP production, cell therapy cGMP production, cell bank construction and other transformation and application of integration platform integration of immune cell therapy technology development and preparation platform.

Through the rational layout of the region, strengthen the cooperation of medical institutions, provide high-quality cell therapy products for medical institutions, and accelerate the promotion of immune cell therapy technology in China, such as acute B-cell leukemia and lymphoma, as well as nasopharyngeal carcinoma and liver cancer. Demonstration and promotion of applications in diseases and other fields.

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