JKH industrial chain

Injection -- Silk-screen -- Post welding -- Assembling -- Packaging

Except the product molds and patches outsourced, all the rest processes are completed and controlled by JKH, control the quality of each process strictly.

    • Clean workshop

      Clean workshop

    • Hundred-ton injection machine

      Hundred-ton injection machine

    • Professional production staffs

      Professional production staffs

    Quality Management

    Looking for quality improvement in every little detail


    Complete quality management team

    In order to ensure product quality, in accordance with the quality management system requirements strictly, all kinds of QC personnel, total more than 20 people, accounting for about 20% of the total production staffs.

    Complete product testing equipments

    A series of accurate testing instruments, build a product testing system, complete rigorous, scientific product testing internally.
    Electrostatic tester, high voltage tester, salt spray tester, high and low temperature cycle tester, high temperature tester, low temperature tester,
    Vibration tester, battery capacity comprehensive tester, leakage current tester, resistance tester……

    • High and low temperature cycle tester

      High and low temperature cycle tester

    • Laser printer

      Laser printer

    • Electrostatic discharge generator

      Electrostatic discharge generator

    • Infrared drying machine

      Infrared drying machine

    • Electrostatic tester

      Electrostatic tester

    • High pressure tester

      High pressure tester

    • Salt spray tester

      Salt spray tester