JKH has further cooperated with many foreign well-known brand companies by now, and customized the globalization development strategy according to own good foundation in medical industry. In product management: continue to focus on household health and medical products, accumulate professional advantages. In product management: continue to focus on home health care products, and accumulate a wealth of professional advantages.
In R&D innovation: adhere to self-innovation , pay to introduce more valuable patent technology. In terms of personnel training: attract like-minded talents around the world, and promote global market development.
In the market development: under the premise of not violating the enterprise concept, flexible marketing strategy: joint marketing, hierarchical marketing, authorization marketing, OEM and other cooperation methods.
In customer service: perfect customer service system, build online + offline service platform, provide global synchronous instant response service.

Overseas Markets

The United States is our largest market at present. The products are sold in 30,000+ stores across USA. After nearly 20 years of development step by step, JKH has passed dozens of quality certifications covering USA, EUROPE,CANADA, BRAZIL, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA etc.. Our products have been exported to 20+ countries and regions. We are also continuing to explore a larger market, looking forward to cooperating with you.


Domestic Market

JKH has accumulated very valuable experience in major markets to provide favorable help for the development of the domestic market. In terms of qualification, we have obtained the production license of class II medical devices and a number of registration certificates by guangdong food and drug administration. We have also opened up the sales channels of a number of medical chain brands, which directly reach over ten million users.